Monday, July 14, 2014

Healing herbs?

     There has been some very interesting studies done on the healing properties of herbs.  We in the west tend to dismiss anything that doesn't come in a pill bottle, but maybe it's time to take another look.   Now please understand, I'm no doctor or expert of any kind, so please do your own research and consult with professionals if you have specific issues.  That said, a recent scientific review had some interesting things to say.


High in rosmarinic acid, rosemary effectively treats allergies because of its antioxidant properties. "Rosemary's flavor is pungent, somewhat piney, and mintlike," says Michael J. Balick, PhD, author of Rodale's 21st-Century Herbal. "Fresh sprigs of rosemary and rosemary flowers can be steeped in vinegar or wine to add a subtle flavor. Use rosemary branches as skewers for grilling meat and vegetable kebabs." 
Also keep in mind that rosemary offers other medical benefits besides clearing up your wheeze. "The herb is used primarily to treat poor digestion and appetite, joint pain, and sluggish circulation," Balick says. 


A prominent part of Asian medicine and culinary garnishes, shiso is especially effective against seafood allergies—which is convenient considering that most sushi is served with the green leaf on the side (it's often holding the wasabi). Shiso is also a common treatment for bronchial asthma.


"Sage tastes lemony, camphorlike, and pleasantly bitter," says Balick. This herb can be mixed into any meal—breakfast (omelets), lunch (soups and beans), or dinner (pasta and poultry). "[Sage is] excellent for sore throats, coughs, and colds," he adds. "For a unique and tasty appetizer or accompaniment for potatoes, dust larger sage leaves with flour, then fry them in a quarter-inch of hot oil for about 30 seconds, until crispy."

There is tons more to look at and consider, here is a good book on the subject.


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