Saturday, May 24, 2014

A new start.

Hello friends,
     Today starts a new direction for my blog.  I thank everyone that supported me in the previous version.   The question I have gotten is, "Why stop what was a relatively successful blog?"
     The answer is fairly simple, I got bored.  So I took a few months of trying to decide what I wanted this to be.  In the vast universe that is food blogs,  I wanted something to be different.
     The simple view of what I am going to do is highlight food in East Central Wisconsin.  Markets, expo's, restaurants and producers.  I also realize that this creates a very narrow audience,  which isn't that great if you want to drive traffic to a website, but that's where I'm going to start.
     So, what to expect?  Recipe's for sure.  I know there is about a million or so places you can get recipes,  so  I'll try to come up with some original ones that reflect in season, local cooking.  I'll also be taking a weekly look at what's available in the farmers markets,  and I hope to highlight some local producers.

So here we go,  come along for the ride

Stay hungry friends