Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our new Kitchen

Well hello foodie friends,
It's been awhile again.  These past few months have been pretty hectic and pretty great.  My real job has been way busy, the remodel of the kitchen is done except for some trim work, one son back and forth from college a couple times, another son home on leave and then deployed to Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc.  And thats not to mention the greatest foodie holiday of them all, Thanksgiving!!

Today I'll mention my DIY kitchen remodel.  Let me just say that if you have a chance to make your kitchen the way you want, do it!  I know that budgeting these days can be tough, but do what ever you can on your own.  Most estimates for the remodel we did would have been at least $15,000, but by doing almost all of the work ourselves it cost around $7,000.  Now before you start to say that you can't do DIY let me tell you that I am the least handy person you will probably ever meet.  Fortunately, I do have a very talented wife.   To give you an idea of what we did ourselves:

1) Installed the new floor  Don't let vinyl throw you, no it's not actual hard wood flooring, but if you do it carefully it will look awesome.  This flooring is not you fathers vinyl, this stuff is tuff and will last a long time.
We used Allure by Traffic Maste, the stuff in the add will give you the general idea.

 2) We re-purposed the cabinets.  Granted the structure of the cabinets was in good shape, we made new cabinet doors and panted the rest of the cabinet.  Total cost was about $400 for lumber, paint and hardware.  And a lot of help from my dad (it's nice to have a dad that is a wood worker)

3)Plumbing.  Nothing major, just ran a new drain line for the dishwasher, and adjusted the drain and water supply for the new sink.  We did hire a plumber to run the new gas line, I figured if the house blew up I didn't want it to be my fault!  Cost for the plumber was about $100.  Cost for the other plumbing supplies about $50.   We also installed the new sink ourselves.

You don't need to spend a ton of money on a sink there are some very good stainless sinks that are reasonably priced.  Installing is a bit of an adventure but it's worth it!

As you can see the back splash tiles aren't up yet.

4) All of the miscellaneous that a contractor will charge a ton of money for.  Clean up, disposal, painting running water lines for the fridge etc...

Other than labor the biggest cost in a kitchen remodel is buying new appliances.  Here as well, with a little research, and by taking advantage of sales (we hit the big appliance sale at Home Depot, and got a discount for buying 3 new appliances) you can find some real quality at good prices.  When it comes to appliances, buy to the max of your budget, having quality appliances not only makes cooking a lot more fun it also gives you some peace of mind having stuff that is made well.   Do your research and read lots of reviews from other people. (Amazon is a great source for checking reviews)

Here is look at what we went with.

So there you have it our new Kitchen and I love it!!!!

Don't believe you can have a great kitchen and not spend a rediculous amount of money? Check out this book!

Stay Hungry!!!!

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