Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Baby in the manger

Third in a series.

     A Baby in a manger.  What we were expecting was the Messiah, one who would bring the fulfillment of the Kingdom, one who would free us from the bondage of Rome, one who would restore the Temple to its rightful significance and bring the final event of the age.  And what we got was a baby!  God declares Himself as a baby.  All our images of power and might and takeovers are brought down by the Most High confessing Himself as a baby.  Why?  The answers are numerous and theologians and all kinds of religious types have put forward explanations, many of which are probably very well thought out and correct in their own way.  I think that God chose to show us that love is stronger than anything we have thought up in terms of power.
     One feeling that most of share when we see a baby is : "He is so dependent upon me."  Why would God show Himself in this way?  Because we are so dependent upon Him, and it's not a matter of force and is a matter of love that is beyond our ability to believe or understand.  We are as dependent upon the Holy One as a tiny newborn child is dependent upon us.  The fact that the Prince of Peace should declare Himself in this way is shocking, and just perfect, when you come to think about it.
     So what can we offer this Child?  I think it would be appropriate to offer Him some milk and honey, remembering the promise given to our forefathers that they would find fulfillment in the land of "milk and honey".  It's hard for us to see just how amazing that promise sounded to the people who had wandered and hungered in the desert for so many years.  A land where milk and honey FLOWS!!  That is a wonderful image of fulfillment, and the Child is our fulfillment.

This is very simple and surprisingly very good.
Place a pint of milk in a blender and add 2 - 3 tablespoons of honey.(warm the honey in the microwave for few seconds, it will blend easier.)(If you have one of those handy little frothers for your fancy coffee or chai that will work also just make sure the honey is warm) Whip the mixture in the blender(or frother) for just a moment, it should be well blended and frothy.  pour it into some glasses and serve.  Your kids will love this

Stay Hungry

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