Sunday, October 16, 2011

More cooking for your dog!!

O.K.  I'm not going to make this into a blog for dog recipes, but I've had some folks request more recipes for the four legged friends.  So here we go.

We call these Husky pops, Major loves them and its fun to watch him eat them.  You may want to put a Popsicle stick in some of them, it's pretty funny to hold it as they eat.

1  32oz carton of vanilla yogurt
2  Tbl.  of peanut butter
2  Tbl. of honey
1 banana

Toss it all in a blender.
pour it into small dixie cups and freeze.
Makes about 16 pops

Next is Husky noodle soup!  this is a good one if you run out of husky loaf and need to feed before you can make some.  This one is super easy.

Cook 1 full package of egg noodles in chicken stock.  Use a little less liquid than you normally would to cook the noodles.  Cook them until almost all of the liquid is absorbed into the noodles, they will be overcooked.  Let the noodles cool!!  We use about half the noodles for 1 meal.  Add a sardine on top and a generous amount of olive oil.
So there you go, a couple more things to feed your dog.  There are a lot of really good resources out there to come up with more things or food that is breed specific.  The link below will take you to Amazon, that book used for $2.90 is a steal.!!

Stay Hungry 

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