Thursday, June 30, 2011

TV cooks

This is post relating to not much, but since I've been so lazy lately, why not?  I get asked on occasion which of the TV cooks do I watch.  So here are my top 10

10.  Alton Brown-  You don't see him cook much any more, but I liked the "science" he explains on Good Eats
9.  Rachl Ray-Yes I know, she's a bit annoying, and I'm not crazy about "perky" but  30 minute meals and her newer show on Cooking channel Week in a day have good tips and recipes
 8. Paula Deen- If you like cooking with butter, you'll love Paula Deen.  her best show?  Home cooking

 7. Jaime Oliver - Jaime at Home is a great show, using alot of ingredients that he gets out of his garden       If  you're into growing and preparing your own food check him out.

6. Roger Mooking - The best chef you haven't heard of.  His show, Everyday exotic, is fantastic if you want  to kick up the routine recipes and make them have big flavor.

5.  Nadia G. - I love this show!  Bitchin Kitchen shows that you can have a ton of fun in the kitchen. Great recipes, a cool set, fun characters, how can you go wrong?  If you want to not take yourself to seriously in the kitchen and still cook great stuff  check her our.

4. Emeril Lagasse - In my view he made TV cooking shows popular again, and I still watch his old shows    to pick up on tips and techniques.  He doesn't cook much on his new show, The Originals  is very entertaining.

3. David Rocco-  I actually suprised my self putting him this high on my list, but his show Dolce Vita, does      a great job of not only showing Tuscan cooking, but the culture of Florence, Tuscany and the whole of Italy.  I love his catch phrase  "I'm not a chef, I'm Italian"

2. Giada De Laurentis - I love her show Every Day Italian, she does a great job of breaking down recipes     and making them easy to follow.  And lets be honest, she easy on the eyes!!

1. and now the much anticipated #1.....Anthony Bourdain!!  Yeah I know, his show No Reservations isn't  a cooking show, but when comes to looking at the culture of food, no one is better.  His straight forward, funny, and usually irreverant look at the cuisines of the world is magnificent. I definitely recommend checking him out....unless you are easily offended.

Honorable mention, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the chefs and shows that originally got me interested in cooking,  Jeff Smith,  the Frugal Gourmet, with out a doubt my favorite cook books, very good at telling the story of foods.
Julia Child,  I never really liked her show that much but was always fascinated with the command she had in the kitchen. And she was the original TV chef. 

There are many others and a few that I'm looking forward to that are coming out this year.  The Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond is a show that I am looking forward to.  I love her blog and it's fun to see someone go from blogging to TV she is very talented and did a great job on Bobby Flay's show Throw Down for their Thanksgiving Special.

So who do like?  Or for that matter who don't you like?

Stay hungry

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  1. Well to be honest I struggle sometimes with having to watch all these shows.....but boy do I love when dinner is on the table when I come home from work and that the leftovers are making my co-workers jealous...Thanks honey for all the great meals we have everyday...and for the the extra special ones on special days.
    Love you
    The Wife.