Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why do you eat what you eat?

I  challenge you to ask that simple question.  I believe that we in most of the western world eat out of habit, mostly bad habit.  Now I'm not going to prattle on about fruits and vegie's,  low fat, low salt blah blah blah low taste diets.  All of those are valuable as any doctor will tell you, but I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, I like food!  Having confessed my carnivorous nature, lets go back to the question, why do we eat what we eat?
     As I said I believe it is habit formed by our culture of fast food and convenience.  Not convinced? How about a few statistics?  The average American eats 3 hamburgers and 4 orders of fries a week!  We spent approximately $110 billion on fast food (and that was 10 years ago!), that is more than we spend on computers, cars,  and higher education combined!!!  My point here is not to wage some war against fast food joints, I enjoy a big mac as much as the next guy(not really but you get the point), and the fast food industry employs a lot of people.  My point is this: Each of us must take an honest look at why we choose to eat what we do.  Rather than continue our mindless habits, we need to be intentional and rational about what we eat.  Let's take a cold hard look at our bad eating habits and choose to eat good food.
     At some point I will rant against "fad" diets, which I believe are as bad a habit as our fast food habits and contributes to our lack of food culture just as much if not more.  In the end you will eat what you want to eat, and I do not have the desire or the qualifications to tell you what that should or shouldn't be. My challenge is just to ask..... why?

stay hungry

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