Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The oldest Recipe?

    Thinking that I would find some ancient instruction on how to cook bread, or vegetables or the like, I set off to find out what the oldest known written recipe is.  After an exhaustive search, which consisted of me sitting on my couch and asking google, I was stunned to find out that the oldest recipe is for beer!!!.   This of course should not have surprised me, as a resident of Wisconsin where the suds flow freely, it is no wonder that ancient man having discovered the secrets of brewing immediately inscribed this valuable knowledge on the nearest stone. I would have loved to have been in the room when, some 4000 years later,  the archeologist finally deciphered that  clay tablet and found instructions for making beer!!

     Well this was not quite what I set out looking for, I wanted to find out what ancient people ate.  The following is what I suggest would be a possible dish given the ingredients we know were available.  We know that a favorite in Egypt, Assyria, and all across what we now call North Africa and the Middle East were leeks.  They were often cooked with vinegars, raw or with a basic bread.  This is how I prefer them:

Take a couple of leeks, trim them, wash them(leeks are particularly cleaver at hiding dirt)  and finely chop the white part and the tender part of the green stem.  Heat some olive oil and cook the leeks until the are slightly caramelized and soft.  About 15 or 20 minutes.   Remove from the heat and mash the leaks with a fork, mix in some salt and that's it!  Serve on some flat bread..............with a beer.

     This is incredibly good and will give you a connection to people from Biblical times.

stay hungry.................peace

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