Monday, March 21, 2011

another amateur

I am an amateur foodie.  I hope that does not disappoint, if it does I put it to you that it is a disappointment of your own making.  I understand and it is probably perfectly valid.  What the world probably does not need is yet another food blog by a non-professional, but amateur and non-professional are not the same thing.  An amateur does what he or she does for the love of doing it, and what the world does need is more lovers.  However flawed, it is the amateur that explores the nooks and crannies that the professionals deem beneath them and the others decide is not worth their time.  Those of us that cook just for the love of the food, I believe, attempt to look past the act of shoveling organic material into our face, and into the sustenance of life.  In our fast everything world, this basic act has been pushed aside for the sake of convenience, drive thru - ready made - freeze dried - tv dinners, these things are a heresy to lovers of food.

     So, if you are an amateur of any type, pursue your love and make the world slow down and look just to look, no pretense, no expectations, just see your passion and love.  This may not make a tremendous difference in the world...............but it just might.


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